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Third Row podcast –

Creating an identity for the Third Row podcast

Creation of logo and animation

December, 2019

Creating an identity for a new Tesla podcast

The Third Row is a team of passionate Tesla enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing the truth about Tesla to the world, and do so in a fun and entertaining way.

At first, we were just using social media to create viral, genuine content showcasing why owners love their Tesla products, and what makes the company so unique – then we decided to host a weekly panel discussion with different guests joining us each episode, and recorded an episode with Elon Musk at his home shortly after starting the podcast.

As we all met at the 2019 Tesla Shareholder Meeting, where we all sat in the third row, the logo takes inspiration from that, while simultaneously referencing Tesla’s original logo for Model 3 in a subtle way. In addition, the font used for both the logo and any other images / videos, Gotham, is also used by Tesla, creating an identity coherent with the electric carmaker’s.

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