Vivien Hantusch


The greatest evolution in vehicular fashion & function

Cybertruck — the polygon-shaped spaceship on wheels-meets-APC is, without doubt, the most talked about vehicle Tesla has ever released.

Not only is the angular stainless steel design a pretty straight forward translation of the famous “form follows function” principle coined by architect Louis Sullivan, it also offers advantages like easier production & industry-leading aerodynamics — resulting in extremely competitive pricing.

With the spec ad below, the goal was to combine all of what makes Cybertruck so unique into a compelling visual story. Starting with an ode to Blade Runner as an atmospheric entry, the video seamlessly continues with fast-paced copy and rearranged footage from Tesla’s official YouTube channel.

So far, it has been featured in some media articles, and received some appreciation by Elon Musk!



Check out the spec ad: